• Tirage platine encadré

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    The platinum print is a rare hand-crafted photographic process in vogue in the 19th century and rediscovered in the 1960s by the American master Irving Penn. Unlike the silver print, the metal does not float in a layer of gelatin, but is embedded in the paper fibers, thus giving the image a unique texture and appearance. ¶ Popular with collectors, galleries and museums, these photographs are praised for their rich tonal range, their permanence and their distinctive beauty.

    Above: “Catboat Mary”, photograph by John S. Johnston, 1895. Framed platinum print.

  • Tirage platine

    Outstanding prints for connoisseur

    The Galerie du Cabestan offers you platinum prints of vintage photographs at a very reasonable price. Selected both for their documentary and artistic qualities, from the most prestigious collections like the Library Of Congress in Washington DC, these photographs are meticulously restored and printed with platinum-palladium salts on Art paper. ¶ Unlike other methods (silver, inkjet), you can be assured that your prints will stand the test of time. Due to variations inherent in the craft process, each print is unique (and numbered).

    Above: “RCA Buiding, NYC”, photograph by Samuel H. Gottscho, 1933. Platinum print on Arches paper.

  • Tirage platine

    Services by a print master

    An exceptional print brings more than an added-value to a photographic image, it helps reveal its soul and refinement. The platino-palladiotype sublimates the black and white image and gives it a sensuous texture particularly suited to portraits, nudes and landscapes. ¶ For exhibitions and limited edition prints, Galerie du Cabestan’s print master Laurent Gloaguen offers photographers a professional platinum and palladium print service, with the sole ambition of a perfect print made in full collaboration with the author. A print that will match those made by the greatest masters of photography.

    Above: “The Manger”, photograph by Gertrude S. Käsebier, 1895. Print in a clearing bath.